Rules and Guidelines

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If you have a problem with a member of our site, or content on our site please contact us right away. We cannot check every post, but we do take things such as copyright infringement seriously.

The Rules

One day when I have grand kids I want them to be able to browse this forum without anyone having to answer "Why" this or that. Keep it clean ok?

For the most part violating these rules will get you a warning first, then a ban. If you have a problem feel free to talk to me about it, send me a PM.

The General Stuff

1. If a moderator moves or deletes your post or thread DO NOT RE-POST IT. This makes us very mad and will probably get you banned. PM  admin if you have a problem and we will review the issue. Do not PM the mods, they are busy and the admin is the correct person to deal with on these issues. If you get banned you can re-register to send a PM to an admin only. If you use this screename to continue posting your ban will likely be permanent.

2. We try to keep rules to a minimum. Rule enforcement is handled by our team of level headed moderators. If a moderator asks you to do something or stop doing something please comply. All issues are handled and subject to the moderator's and administrator's discretion. Many things are not black and white and require judgment calls from time to time from our moderators. The moderators will make decisions based on what is best for the forum, it's members, it's content, and it's interests. It is likely not all members will always agree with some of these decisions or the ways all rules and guidelines are enforced, or not. That is just part of life, not everyone agrees. No number of written rules can cover all situations. That is why we have moderators.

3. Defamatory Statements

Defamatory or slanderous statements are not allowed. Making defamatory statements on the internet can leave individuals open to litigation. We encourage open and fair discussion. If you have an issue with a business please state your issue in the following format:

"I used services/bought product from company A. I was not satisfied with those services for the following reasons."

Please be prepare to defend your statements as well. encourages it's users to post about good and bad experiences that they have had with companies, but we are not a conduit for revenge. State your case clearly and completely but do not keep repeating your complaint over and over. Threads that become long drawn out bashing events will be removed, edited, or locked.

4. Signature Promotion & Advertising allows members to promote their businesses or websites with the following conditions:

You are allowed to post a personal website link in the member profile in the space provided which is accessed through your user Control Panel. No direct commercial website links, contact information, or promotional content is allowed in your signature lines.

You may not put any commercial link, contact information, or anything other than a simple logo in your signature line. If your company logo is a website name then you are out of luck, do not post it. The same applies to avatars, screenames, and member titles. No website references in any of those please if not a paid advertiser.
Promotional language, notice of sales, products, etc., is not permitted. Banners will also not be permitted. Please contact advertising department directly for paid signature advertising. If you need assistance in setting up your signature links please contact a moderator.

Moderators or administrators may remove any signature content not meeting the above criteria at any time.

Personal items for sale must be listed in the Swap Meet forums. For-sale items or links to such items are not allowed in memberís signatures. strives for a clean and spam-free environment when viewing the forums.

A total signature of approx 2 lines of text or 200 characters max.

Images must not be greater than 200 px wide and should be under maximum of 90 px high. There is plenty of space in your new updated profiles for images, and nothing make a thread harder to read than a big image showing up 10 times a page.

5. No Porn or Nudity of any kind

Swimsuit attire fine in the open water forum in a boating environment. No porn or soft porn type closeup thong pics, no bare butts etc. no lingerie, bedroom type pics here please. You get the idea. If it's not tasteful don't post it.   If a moderator removes your picture(s) please do not repost, argue with them, or start another thread about it.

6. No Multiple Screen Names

You all know why, it is funny at first but then it gets out of control. It is a better policy to simply not allow it at all.

7. Excessive Attacks/ Flaming

I know you are mad, but threatening to kill someone on the internet can have actual legal consequences. If you start a bitch thread please keep it contained to that one thread, don't start 5 or 10 on the subject. If the thread starts to get badly out of hand it might be locked or removed. And finally, no threats to other members are allowed. Threatening someone is probably one of the fastest ways to get banned.

8. Copyrighted Material

If it starts showing up without the owners permission it will have to be removed.

9. Spam

Threads or posts started for the purpose of promoting your (or a third party's) product or service are not allowed unless you (or the third party) are a advertiser and the thread is placed in the proper section. If you have a question, or want to post something and you are not sure, contact us first and we will talk to you about your options. offers advertising. Please contact us for details. Recommendation type threads used for promoting product under the guise of "recommendation" will be removed by admin or moderators.

10. Rick Rolling

I don't really see any problem with this, and am guilty of it myself. If it gets out of hand I suppose there will be a rule against it. Please show restraint and make sure that it does not get out of hand. It seems stupid to have to set a rule about this.

That said if the page you send people to executes malicious code you will get a swift kick in the ass and a ban. Screwing with peoples computers is not funny unless you are a 12yo script kiddie.

Please do not post the site that plays the video while bouncing all over the place forcing you to run the window down, and finally stab it to death.

11. Posts in Bad Taste:

Sometimes posts that are a bit off color are very funny, and sometimes they are not. We may very well leave a post that walks the line of bad taste if it does seem to lend some value (even if only comedic) to the forums. Otherwise we are going to give it the chop...

As an example. If any of those people with the signs reading "Thank God for Dead Solders" show up it will very likely be removed. That is a bit of an extreme example, but the same will go for a thread that is particularly vulgar in nature as well.

Some other examples might include bickering in a mean spirited or offensive manner, ugly relationship gone bad scenarios, or posts that are distastefully sexual in nature. It is our objective to create a forum that is fun for all of you to read and hang out on and not have to cringe from discomfort while reading.

I think most of you know the difference between something that is a low and useless thread and one that is not.

Thanks in advance for everyone's cooperation in making the Forum a nice place to visit and hang out.

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